November 7th: SCOLDED Appearing at the Premiere of “Stoner Witches”

So, on Saturday November 7th I’m throwing a big, fun show to premiere my first short film, “Stoner Witches”. We’re going to show the latest episode of “The Existential Beaver” by Kim Shively and “The Mayoreo Show” by Stephan Herrera and Colin Ward, plus some awesome bands and solo projects are playing.

Over the next few weeks I’ll try and give you a preview of some of the cool stuff going on…, I’d like to show you SCOLDED the multimedia, music project of Keith Manzanares who’ll be the first or second band on the bill that night.

Keith plays guitar in the Denver band, Mailman Land and The Tickles (with members of Chase Ambler and Tiana Matsuko Bernard). He’s been playing music for years and recently started the multimedia project known as SCOLDED.

Funny story, Keith and I were neighbors before we met. My housemates and I would always refer to him and his roommates as the “pretty boys”  because of the plethora of ladies that we saw tracing in and out of their house at all hours of the day and night.

Next week, “Data Rainbow“, Zach Reini’s solo project that is playing that night!