Almost Complete Website…Whatever That Means….and Some News….

The website is almost complete except for the webstore, and I need to add a links and music section. I’ve been busy playing shows with CP-208, making lathe cut records for Alta Fidelidad’s Summer releases (aiming for all of the Summer releases to come out at once, probably in late July or early August.) and trying to finishing shooting and editing Alta Fidelidad’s first short film, “Stoner Witches” (coming to some DIY spots around the country in Fall 2015).

Take a look around the website (the video section is my favorite section I’ve made so far)…send me criticism, love notes, hate mail or some good naked pictures!

I’ve been working on a long blog post about the decline of weird music in the United States….should be ready at the beginning of July. So look here for something then.

CP-208 has some shows coming up: June 20 at Club Scum and July 9 at Mutiny Information Cafe (check out the “Shows” section for more information)!

And one last thing, my friends, Echo Beds are on tour right now so if they come through your town don’t hesitate to go see them. They’re pretty amazing and if you know me, I don’t say that often about anyone.