A Life I Live

The only thing that brings me joy anymore is music.

Once I thought I’d get a job, get a lovely wife, buy a house and have some kids to watch grow up before I died.

Then I realized I wasn’t like everyone else, I suffered from Gender Dysphoria and despite all of my wishes, my life wasn’t going to turn out the way I had thought.

After this, things changed. I couldn’t transition since my family and my friends weren’t accepting of my dilemma. I couldn’t date anymore because I just couldn’t figure out what to do.

Without those things, life began to lose meaning. I kind of floated around in a haze of depression not knowing what to do anymore.

Then it came to me….though I would not get what I wanted, I could still play music

And though this is not a happy solution, at least it’s something, so come see me play a show and help me share one of that last things I love about this world with all of you!

Upcoming Shows

Mr. Pacman is playing a show on Friday, June 28 at the Oriental Theater in Denver and the band I play organ in Lifers is playing at Rhinoceropolis on July 1, opening for some punk bands from Canada.

Playing with FEELS from L.A.

The band I’m playing organ in, Lifers, gets to open for two fantastic bands on May 10, 2019 at The Syntax Physics Opera in Denver, CO.

The amazing FEELS from L.A. and Denver’s own homegrown superstar, Midwife!

It’ll be my last show with this band, so come down and enjoy!

New Show/New Band

I’m playing the organ in a new band called “Lifers”, kind of a power pop band, with some past members of Born Dumb, Hot White, Bloodloss, and Ultra Boyz! Our first show is coming up soonish opening up for Prism Bitch from Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Happy New Year!!!

Still working on finishing the Lisa Matthew’s album “A Long Lonesome Winter at Ft. Stupid”, about halfway through it.

Just started working on an all percussion exotica album with the amazing Darren Kulback.

And still waiting for the vocals to be done on the Cutie Eyeballs album…hopefully, this will be done by summer 2018.

So there should be three albums worth of stuff done this year and then I can finish that short film.

Happy 2018 everyone!!! This is going to be a great year!!!


Hey! I’ve been real busy trying to help Lisa Matthews finish her solo album and haven’t been able to update this blog much but I wanted to say…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!