various video appearances…

 The short I made for the online Bummeroo festival in 2016

 “Stoner Witches” a short film written and directed by Tripp Nasty about two witches bored on a Friday night! Cheap makeup, bad special effects, puppets and murder!!! Starring Jim Compton, Justin Loski, Colin Blount and Tripp Nasty.

 commercial for Pehrspace appearance directed by me and Matt Mendull

 appearance in Luceo Images‘ short film, “Dreams in Diguise” for Photoville 2014.

Kevin John Wesley‘s and my attempt at a movie trailer (gone wrong) about a kid who finds a bong in a secret aryan burial ground, smokes it and hitler appears bringing chaos and destruction to a small mountain town.

 My guest appearance on this internet talk show that never quite got off the ground

A short about Lee Sander’s and my project of making an audiobook of Moby Dick while drunk.

(First 12 chapters can be found here)