My “Summer Art Project 2022”

One of the things I love in life is ephemera, and I have based a considerable amount of my art on mass produced items, from postcards to buttons to posters to refrigerator magnets to stickers and other items. This summer’s project is based on stickers and is called:

This is the title of the sticker, not the sticker itself. You can only see the sticker if you receive a packet or see it in the wild!

It translates as “The Love Supreme” and the project is about my struggles with accepting that I like to wear dresses, and skirts, and showoff in them. It is about accepting yourself for who you are, “self-love” in short.

Over the course of the Summer of 2022 I will be sending out 90 packets of these stickers (11 stickers and 1 refrigerator magnet including an instruction booklet with artwork and a short biography) to friends, and other like minded folks in the US, and abroad. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a packet, or see one in the wild.

Hope you have a kickass Summer!!!