My “Summer Art Project 2022”

One of the things I love in life is ephemera, and I have based a considerable amount of my art on mass produced items, from postcards to buttons to posters to refrigerator magnets to stickers and other items. This summer’s project is based on stickers and is called:

This is the title of the sticker, not the sticker itself. You can only see the sticker if you receive a packet or see it in the wild!

It translates as “The Love Supreme” and the project is about my struggles with accepting that I like to wear dresses, and skirts, and showoff in them. It is about accepting yourself for who you are, “self-love” in short.

Over the course of the Summer of 2022 I will be sending out 90 packets of these stickers (11 stickers and 1 refrigerator magnet including an instruction booklet with artwork and a short biography) to friends, and other like minded folks in the US, and abroad. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a packet, or see one in the wild.

Hope you have a kickass Summer!!!

I’m Going to Start Playing Shows Again!

That headline is no mistake! You’ve not read wrong folks, I’m coming out of retirement and playing shows again. I know I said I’d never do it but I’ve said a lot of dumb things in my life so let’s just chalk that up as one of them.

During the pandemic I fell deeply in love with the modular synth and playing it felt like where I started when I first moved to Colorado in 2002.

When i first arrived I knew no one, had no one to play music with so to kill the ennui I decided to learn how to play the keyboard. The very next day I went with my dear friend Kiki Kans to a thrift store and scored a Casio SK-1. The next time another Casio, and then another until I owned 4!

All the early Tripp Nasty solo shows were me playing those keyboards, I loved it but it had it’s limitations. Gradually I drifted off into organs, and box synths, but even with those, I could never quite get a solo act together again like those 4 clunky old Casio’s.

But lo and behold, the modular synth has given me its secrets, and I’ve figured out an amazing set that you have to see!

The sounds I can create with this thing are crazy…. it’s going to be quite a ride!

Two Shows Don’t Miss Out:

Friday, April 1 at Mutiny Information Cafe:

Friday, May 13 opening for William Basinski at the Hi-Dive in Denver, Colorado:

I am super excited to let you hear my new sounds!

And, yes…I got all emotional, and jumped up and down when I found out I was going to be able to open for William Basinski. Thank goodness everyone at my work was remote today.

Me and the Modular Synth, and a Halloween Album

Follow me on my new adventures with my modular synth here.

And find the Haunted House/Halloween album (available at Hanson Records in Oberlin, Ohio and Tobira Records in Japan) I wrote with my friend Sense From Nonsense here:

Over the pandemic I decided to bite the bullet and start down the modular synth/eurorack hole. It has not been disappointing. In fact, after owning it for three months I wish I would have invested in this earlier. So much control over the sound, and so much fun! This will keep me entertained for quite awhile I suspect.

Also, I always wanted to make a Haunted House/Halloween album and this summer it happened. Tom Nelson, from the Denver band Echo Beds, and I put out our own interpretation of the old Disney record – “Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House.” It turned out pretty good, take a listen at the link above.

Not much else to report…..pandemic is still making life boring but I will be flying to NYC in January to play modular synth on someone’s record and the record label is paying for it, ohh la la! And in the Spring I’ve been asked to help produce an ambient/experimental rap album with some folks in St. Louis. 2022 should be an interesting year!

Take care and love you all!!!

Your Pal – Tripp Nasty

My First Solo Album Out Now!

My first solo album, “Making the Pythons Dance” is out now and available at my Bandcamp profile.

You can purchase it as a digital download or a limited edition CD (100 made) with a hand drawn insert and poster.

I’m super excited for you to hear it!!!

It’s Been a Long Time….

So here’s some news:

My first solo album is done. It should be out in a month from now. I’ll be releasing it on my Bandcamp page and as a limited edition CD, with a poster and some additional artwork. It’s called “Making the Pythons Dance” and it’s my lo-fi, fucked up, badly recorded love letter to the American Southwest I grew up in.

And in the end, I love you all! Take care of yourself, it’s going to be a long winter!

Upcoming Shows

Mr. Pacman is playing a show on Friday, June 28 at the Oriental Theater in Denver and the band I play organ in Lifers is playing at Rhinoceropolis on July 1, opening for some punk bands from Canada.

Playing with FEELS from L.A.

The band I’m playing organ in, Lifers, gets to open for two fantastic bands on May 10, 2019 at The Syntax Physics Opera in Denver, CO.

The amazing FEELS from L.A. and Denver’s own homegrown superstar, Midwife!

It’ll be my last show with this band for awhile, so come down and enjoy!