The Dopplebanger!

A few days ago the below comment appeared on my Youtube video “This is Tripp Nasty“:

It’s from the rapper/writer/entertainer from Michigan who also uses the Tripp Nasty name.

The first time this gentleman wrote me was a comment on my YouTube video “Alive From Denver: Tripp Nasty Visits…”:


I think the whole thing is very amusing and I wish Mr. Tripp Nasty from Michigan good luck in all his endeavors!!!

Maybe someday we’ll meet and like matter and anti-matter we’ll explode!

Taiwan Housing Project on Tour Now So You Should Go See Them!

Rarely do I see a good noisey rock band anymore. Usually when I see a band on stage with guitars, drum and bass it’s hardcore or metal or some cross between the two or the never going out of style garage rock.

But last Sunday I saw Taiwan Housing Project and they ruled. Fronted by members of Harry Pussy, The Fells, and Little Claw they created for me the perfect blend of crazed vocals over pounding noisey rhythms.

Catch them on tour now!!

An Obvious Statement That I Feel Compelled to Make

Dan Savage writes an excellent sexual advice column for Seattle’s weekly The Stranger and this week he ran a bunch of letters from men who like to wear dresses and I felt compelled to to say one thing that I felt he left out of his column.

It is okay for a man to wear a dress.

A bunch of the letters seem to be pleas for acceptance from Mr. Savage which he seems to ignore in favor of his own favorite subjects. This is fine but I wanted to address that issue. It is okay for a man to wear a dress. It is okay for anybody to wear a dress. Clothing has no gender, it is just drapery we use to protect and decorate ourselves. There is nothing wrong with being born with a penis and wearing a dress. Society, your friends, your family, even your partner may belittle you for this but they are all wrong. It is okay to wear a dress and feel pretty or confident or whatever you need to get through your day.

I believe that this is important and it had to be said but of course, I’m a dude who likes to wear dresses so take from this what you may.