Neu Denver: I Got Evicted!

At the end of June I came home from work and found a notice on my door. “We have decided to break your lease. We will be renovating your apartment at the beginning of August….”

And like that, the place I called home for the longest period in my adult life (8 years) was gone and I had to run around like mad trying to find somewhere new to live and move. Ultimately, it all worked out but the housing situation in Denver is kind of crazy right now.

At my old place they raised the rent to $800/month….dammit, when I first moved into that building it was $450.

Since weed was legalized for recreational use in our state, Denver has become a go-to destination for the 25-35 year old set. Whenever I go out, I meet people who have just moved here, which is great but the city’s infrastructure was just not ready for the sudden influx.

Rents around the city are soaring and people I know now pay more than 50% of their income for housing.

But enough complaining about “New” Denver…….some news…..

I have a solo show next week at The Walnut Room in Denver, Colorado. I’m at the beginning of forming a noise group, Golden Sisters (thanks to Macy Rodman for the name suggestion!) and on August 10, CP 208 will be recording for a 7-inch release to come out in the Winter of 2016.

Plus, this weekend we’ll be finishing some of the last scenes of Stoner Witches, my weed-occult-horror/dramedy…..there’ll be a premiere show in November at Glob in Denver, Colorado with Echo Beds, a Thai Shadow Puppet Show, and a reunion of the Electric Boogie Tribe (an all organ and drums hard rock cover band with Avery Rains from Mr. Pacman singing!).

Before you leave, take a moment to listen to this new release by my friends and a bunch of great artists, Postcommodity…..and check out their amazing “Repellent Fence” project going up at the US/Mexico border this fall!

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