“Hitler High: Pandora’s Bong…” Now Available For Sale at Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago, Illinois

If you’re in Chicago, Illinois you can now pick up a copy of “Hitler High: Pandora’s Bong, Some Short Stories and a Haiku or Two” at Quimby’s Bookstore! Get a copy before they sellout!


It even made their Instagram account, you can see my face on the cover peaking out there to the bottom right! I’ve loved Quimby’s since I was a teen and used to go there with my grandfather the few times I visited Chicago. It’s pretty cool that something I did is now being sold there.

Friday, October 14 Help a Teacher Out!!!

My good friend the Magic Cyclops has a person very important to them named Adrienne Lisa.

She tripped and fell through a plate glass window this summer severing her arm, and lacerating her neck and chest so badly she had to get open heart surgery (rumor has it she died twice on the operating table, whoa!). Adrienne is a public school teacher and although she has some pretty good health insurance it still isn’t enough to cover the massive amount of money her surgeries and recover is going to need.

So this week the Magic Cyclops has organized a fundraiser for her with some local bands at Deerpile.

Please, please, please if you’re in Denver come down on Friday night and help our friend and teacher out! It’ll be good times all around and Mr. Pacman is telling me they’re going to play a few songs from the old school days to make the evening extra special. Check out the Facebook events page here!



Watch My Short Film STONER WITCHES Online Now!!!!

After a year of touring around the U.S. with it, my 12 minute film is now online! Sit down with some hot tea, a good joint and enjoy!

Note: As of 12/08/2016 STONER WITCHES will no longer be available online as I am taking it on a small tour during the Winter/Spring of 2017. It will be available again on Youtube in the Fall of 2017.