Tripp Nasty at their studio in The Juls building (photo by: Hesh Hipp)

If Stephen King had a younger, prettier brother who had recently emerged from their parents’ basement after a marathon session of Dungeons & Dragons, it would be Tripp Nasty, AKA “Nancy Drew’s Long Lost Assistant“.

Tripp Nasty at Rhinoceropolis  (photo by: Matt Slaby)

Tripp Nasty started publicly performing in Tucson, Arizona and is currently based out of Denver, Colorado.

Tripp Nasty has played in:

Haus (Tucson, Arizona 1989)

Rocket No. 9 (Tucson Arizona – 1989-1996)

Duarte 6 ( Tucson, Arizona – 1996-1997; toured with Crash Worship in the Summer of 1997)

Mondo Guano( Tucson, Arizona; bass player, 1996 – 1999)

The Zero Kings (Tucson, Arizona; bass player 1996-1997)

Calexico (US Touring Bass Player 2001-2002)

Mr. Pacman (Denver, Colorado – 2005 to present)

The Tripp Nasty Orchestra (a diy string quartet in Denver, Colorado from 2004-2006)

The Mind Kontrol Sect (another diy string quartet in Denver, Colorado from 2006-2008)

Bongo Fury (folk-noise band in Denver, Colorado from 2008 to 2011; read this wonderful review)

CP 208(singer of this noise-rock band in Denver, Colorado from 2012 – 2015)

Lifers (Denver pop band, keyboard player from 2018-2020)

Tripp Nasty tried and failed to manage Bebe and Serge in the late 1990’s.

Tripp Nasty owns a Presto K-8 Record Lathe which has been used to make limited edition lathe cuts for: Bob Bellerue, Page 27, Steven Santa Maria, Action Beats, Shams, Sara Century, Raven Chacon, DREAMWIG, Tenderizor and many others…..

This life would not have been possible without the inspiration and support from: my family,  The Sun City Girls, Lucas Mosley, Raven Chacon, Paul Radek, the Star Ship Stereo family, Amy Fantastic and Josh Taylor, Jason Issacs, Mike Buckley, Edward Pierson, Peter LarsonJason Willis, Neil Kight, Andy Halper, Zachary Spencer, The Toxic Ranch, Sybil Marie Clarke, Bebe McPhereson, the La Shy Girls, Loy Fankbonner, Nicole Pagliaro, Tiana M.B., Darren Kulback, Kevin John Wesley, Justin Loseke, Echo Beds, Brian Medower, Jeff NelsonNautical Almanac, John Golter, Marcy Saude, Tom Murphy and the members of Friends Forever




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