Intense Music Nerd Recommendation (Flutes and Moby Dick)

Not for the weak at heart: Flute Puns.

I’ve known Kyle Mabson and Jonathan Snipes for so long I can’t really remember how we first meet and became friends. Jonathan ran the crazy band Captain Ahab and now is in clipping. While I have no idea what Kyle exactly does, other than play in a lot of bands and make a lot of music (he released a great hip-hop album this year, check it out!) and travel around with famous rock bands. Either way, he and Jonathan had been threatening for years to release an all flute album.

Yesterday they finally did!

Also, many years ago my friend Lee Sanders and I dedicated a lot of time to getting drunk and making an unabridged audiobook of Moby Dick. A few years back I put some of the chapters online. I’m about to finish digitizing all of the chapters but I haven’t been able to find a place to put them up on the Internet. If you have any suggestions, shoot me a message. Its almost 30 hours of audio, way too big for bandcamp or soundcloud.

You can listen to the first couple of chapters here!