An Attempt to Deal With Tragedy

A bunch of people in the DIY community, under the organization of Ryan from _Entrancer donated songs to a compilation benefiting those musicians affected by the Ghostship fire in Oakland! There’s an old, old live collaboration by Frozen Body, Zach Spener (AKA Vice Reversa) and me on it, hasn’t been available since 2006 or something and was only released in an edition of 15 handmade wooden boxes w/CD-R on StarShipStereo!

Sorry about the bare address but I couldn’t get embedding to work.



I finished a script for what I believe will be my next short film. It’ll be a horror picture that I’m calling “Blue Skies”. I’ll post its progress here over the summer.

The second volume of my ‘zine, “The Lipstick Diaries” will be available at my table at the Denver Zine Fest 2016 on June 25! Be warned if you meet me in person, I have the crazy eyes.

The Tannex in Albuquerque

And my show in Albuquerque at The Tannex was SWEET. Couldn’t have wished for a better evening!

And the folks who came down loved my short film STONER WITCHES.

That made me very happy.

Thank you to Marya Erinn Jones for running such a great space and thank you’s to VASILLIUS,
DRY & DUSTY and RIPE MANGOS for playing!

V at The Tannex in Albuquerque

(VASILLIUS in action!)