Some (old) New Music

Put up one of my favorite demo’s I made a few years ago on some of my toy Casio keyboards (specifically, the SK-5, SK-1 and SA-5). There’s a few mistakes in the track, some volume issues (toy Casio keyboards have some volume issues when recording them off the headphone jack since it’s a “hot” signal) and it could be shorter but I’ve always thought it was an interesting track so I thought I’d share it.

Recorded in 2015 on my Tascam 424 mkiii (a cassette tape 4-Track).

I also put up a demo of a love song I wrote for my friends band, Hot White. I loved their band and the folks in it are just some of the best human beings I’ve had the pleasure to be friends with.

The song was made on my four track and it’s missing vocals since I needed one more track to record them but didn’t have it. Maybe I’ll rework it in the future now that I have an 8-track. Recorded in 2010 at Glob when I was going back to college to become a hottie accountant.