An Obvious Statement That I Feel Compelled to Make

Dan Savage writes an excellent sexual advice column for Seattle’s weekly The Stranger and this week he ran a bunch of letters from men who like to wear dresses and I felt compelled to to say one thing that I felt he left out of his column.

It is okay for a man to wear a dress.

A bunch of the letters seem to be pleas for acceptance from Mr. Savage which he seems to ignore in favor of his own favorite subjects. This is fine but I wanted to address that issue. It is okay for a man to wear a dress. It is okay for anybody to wear a dress. Clothing has no gender, it is just drapery we use to protect and decorate ourselves. There is nothing wrong with being born with a penis and wearing a dress. Society, your friends, your family, even your partner may belittle you for this but they are all wrong. It is okay to wear a dress and feel pretty or confident or whatever you need to get through your day.

I believe that this is important and it had to be said but of course, I’m a dude who likes to wear dresses so take from this what you may.

June, June, June!

This has been a rough year for me personally so if you see me on the street give me a smile or a “Hey!” or if you know me well, give me a hug, I need one of those these days.

On to business….My tour manager Lisa Matthews has two shows this month. They’ll be her last till late fall or when Josh Taylor asks her to play again. Each show is listed in the Show tab and each should be good.

The first is at the Larimer Lounge. Its a LGBTQ rock show, something I think is extremely cool. Techno is fun and everything but its dominance at every LGBTQ event or bar is annoying. Some of us like other stuff so I’m glad this is happening. It’s on Sunday, June 18 from 2PM to 12AM.

The next is a show at the Mutiny Information Cafe with the touring band Gaythiest. It should be fun and Lisa has told me she has a crazy show planned for this one so if you want to see her but only have one opportunity, this is the show to go to. Special guests in her set, Born Dumb.

Anyways, go to Lisa’s shows! They’ll be great! And if you see me, be nice things have been hard and I’m sick of being beaten down by life.


A Special Surprise

My booking agent, Lisa Matthews will be playing two special shows this summer one at a ‘ask a punk’ location on May 22 with Shannon Ley from L.A., Midgut (denver) and Midwife (denver). The other show is at the Mutiny Information Cafe on June 27 with the touring band, Gaytheist from Portland, Oregon.

These will be her only shows this summer so don’t miss your opportunity!!!

An Art Project About Gender, Sexuality, Identity, and the Perceived Future in Poster Form

In two weeks I will have 100 11 x 17 posters and 100 4 x 6 postcards available for sale of my Barbie Masks project – exploring the concepts of gender, sexuality, identity, and present beliefs about the future through the manipulation of a common cultural icon (the Barbie doll). The below image is of a “rough” version of the poster.

I made the dolls and my friend/collaborator Tiana M.B. took the photo!

If you are interested in purchasing one in advance of their sale in my online store (which will be up soonish, I swear!) please contact me via the contact tab.

Some Thoughts About Work and What I Think is a Federal Judge Acting Like a Child

First, read this article about a judge in Texas who is suing the Federal Government on religious discrimination grounds because he didn’t want to watch a 15-minute training video about the LGBTQ community. Here’s the link!

Here’s my reply:

Dear America,

When you work a job to serve the people, you serve all the people.

In life outside of work you can be an asshole and treat people terribly but when you’re working, you serve everyone, not just the people you want to serve.

It’s called a job for a fucking reason!

Get over it and grow up like the rest of us!


Confused/Cruel People!

I ran across this Whisper post and I wanted to throw in my two cents.

Dear Girlfriend,

You don’t love your boyfriend and you should dump him.

That way he’ll be able to find someone who’ll love him for who he is, and not for any preconceived notion of what a “man” should be.

And you, head down to your local unemployment office or strip club or auto shop or NASCAR event where you’ll probably find lots of dudes who’ll be exactly what you want.

Just make sure you wear a dress, have your legs shaved, keep your hair long, wear makeup, smile and don’t speak to much, manly men hate a lady with opinions of their own.

Good Luck,

Tripp Nasty