New Show/New Band

I’m playing the organ in a new band called “Lifers”, kind of a power pop band, with some past members of Born Dumb, Hot White, Bloodloss, and Ultra Boyz! Our first show is coming up soonish opening up for Prism Bitch from Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Happy New Year!!!

Still working on finishing the Lisa Matthew’s album “A Long Lonesome Winter at Ft. Stupid”, about halfway through it.

Just started working on an all percussion exotica album with the amazing Darren Kulback.

And still waiting for the vocals to be done on the Cutie Eyeballs album…hopefully, this will be done by summer 2018.

So there should be three albums worth of stuff done this year and then I can finish that short film.

Happy 2018 everyone!!! This is going to be a great year!!!


Hey! I’ve been real busy trying to help Lisa Matthews finish her solo album and haven’t been able to update this blog much but I wanted to say…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

The Dopplebanger!

A few days ago the below comment appeared on my Youtube video “This is Tripp Nasty“:

It’s from the rapper/writer/entertainer from Michigan who also uses the Tripp Nasty name.

The first time this gentleman wrote me was a comment on my YouTube video “Alive From Denver: Tripp Nasty Visits…”:


I think the whole thing is very amusing and I wish Mr. Tripp Nasty from Michigan good luck in all his endeavors!!!

Maybe someday we’ll meet and like matter and anti-matter we’ll explode!

Taiwan Housing Project on Tour Now So You Should Go See Them!

Rarely do I see a good noisey rock band anymore. Usually when I see a band on stage with guitars, drum and bass it’s hardcore or metal or some cross between the two or the never going out of style garage rock.

But last Sunday I saw Taiwan Housing Project and they ruled. Fronted by members of Harry Pussy, The Fells, and Little Claw they created for me the perfect blend of crazed vocals over pounding noisey rhythms.

Catch them on tour now!!